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The Kinder-Schirm Foundation was established in September 2013 by the couple Peter and Susanne Noé. After a longer stay in São Paulo in the 1980s, the couple came up with the idea to dedicate themselves for Brazilian children, who cannot not grow up in their families.

The purpose of the foundation is the support of child and youth welfare as well as upbringing and education in Brazil, in particular in São Paulo. Stiftung Kinder-Schirm shall enable children and young people, who cannot grow up with their families for personal and or economic reasons, an optimal education, including subject mastery, cultural and personal education aspects and promote the development of personal life plans.

The realization of the purpose of the foundation shall primarily be accomplished in collaboration with the Archbishopric of São Paulo. A collaboration with or support of other organizations to further the purpose of the foundation is possible.